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Catherine Hill

Oxygen Therapy for healing and pain

Catherines story. Caught up in a hijacking, at the age of 26 Catherine Hill’s life was changed forever in the most dramatic fashion. While on a trip with her then boyfriend, she found herself in the midst of a Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) plane hijacking.

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Could hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy help you too?

Kent MS Therapy Centre launches new website to attract others to its hyperbaric oxygen chamber Did you know that hyperbaric oxygen (Oxygen Therapy) therapy not only helps multiple sclerosis, but other symptoms and conditions too? Canterbury-based Kent MS Therapy Centre…

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How a diving chamber heals damage left by prostate cancer treatment

May 2013

When Andrew Delf was told treatment for his prostate cancer had been successful, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief.

The 47-year-old hospital porter had been diagnosed with the disease in 2010 and had undergone radiotherapy to treat an aggressive tumour.

However, six months after the radiotherapy he had heavy rectal bleeding. His cancer specialist explained this was due to the radiotherapy having damaged blood vessels in his bowel.

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An oxygen chamber ended this woman’s agony

March 2012 An oxygen chamber ended this woman's agony after simple operation to fix a knee-tendon injury triggered the nerve condition reflex sympathetic dystrophy:

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