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MS conditions

Oxygen Therapy provides relief and support for many conditions

Oxygen Therapy can provide symptomatic relief and support for many conditions, including Fibromyalgia, slow-healing wounds, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, neuralgia, insomnia and cluster headaches/migraines.

 Photo credit: Kentish Gazette

Jo Dunk, 42

“Not long after being diagnosed I found out about the Centre – a 10-minute drive from home. I started having Oxygen Therapy, massage and reflexology – and quickly saw what a great source of support it could be.

When I have Oxygen Therapy I feel better and calmer – and I always sleep well that night. Apart from anything else, it gives me an hour and a half to sit and do nothing and relax.”


Louise O’Boyle, 39

“I know Oxygen Therapy won’t cure the big stuff but it’ll help with the little stuff that makes day to day with MS easier.

Before I started having Oxygen Therapy I couldn’t sleep through the night because I needed to have so many wees, then couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards.

But after a month into the therapy that changed.

Of course, I still have my off times but on the whole I feel so much better. I can cope with a bad day if I’ve had a decent night’s sleep.”


Sue Crook (far left)Sue Crook pictured above, far left.

Sue Crook, 65

“As well as regular Oxygen Therapy for energy boosts, I also have reflexology to try and stimulate the lack of feeling I have in my feet. If I have them both on the same day, my walking is far greater.

I know this because I’ve devised a supermarket test. As the years have gone by I’ve stopped being able to walk around them unaided. But if I go shopping when my body’s pumped up with pure oxygen and my feet have been stimulated with reflexology, I manage using my tripod – any other day I’d need my power chair.


Cate Jackson credit Roger WalthamPhoto credit: Roger Waltham

Cate Jackson, 61

“Soon after I was diagnosed with MS, my specialist nurse told me about Kent MS Therapy Centre. ‘I don’t need anything like that – I can do it all by myself,’ I thought.

But then I heard the place had an Oxygen Therapy chamber, and decided to give it a go. It wasn’t long before I was having thrice-weekly fixes. I think Oxygen Therapy works, and frankly I don’t care if it’s my mind convincing me of that. If I feel better because I’ve done something, I’ll do it.”

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