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hyperbaric oxygen bowel cancer

Oxygen Therapy for non-healing wounds

After an operation for bowel cancer, Sue Nyirenda, a 56-year-old photographer from Canterbury, was left with a long cavity on her abdomen that was taking a long time to heal. Oxygen Therapy at Kent MS Therapy Centre had dramatic results…

“After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2014, I went into hospital for an operation. My cancer turned out to be worse than previously thought so surgeons had to open me up rather than do it via keyhole surgery. They removed some of my bowel, bladder, an ovary, some fallopian tube and a lot of lymph nodes through a long vertical incision in my abdomen.

I came out of hospital six days later, but was readmitted to surgery the following day because the wound was bleeding heavily. The result was a hole running like a channel the length of my wound beneath the scar, 8cm long and 2cm deep.”

Taking a long time to heal

It was important that my wound healed from the inside out, as left long-term like a cavity it would risk infection. Every morning and evening, a district nurse came to my home to pack and redress my wound. When I became more mobile again I started going to the GP surgery once every other day.

Although the wound was healing, it seemed to be taking a very long time. I also have type 2 diabetes which probably didn’t help.

Going to the GP so much was inconvenient, plus I missed not being able to go swimming regularly. It was one of my main forms of exercise and was obviously out of the question as I had to keep the wound dry.

Finding out about hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Meanwhile a friend told me about hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, thought to help with wound healing.

Anything was worth a try. I started Oxygen Therapy at Kent MS Therapy Centre in December 2014, with four to five hour-long sessions every week for a month.

It certainly worked as by January 2015, my wound had healed. I no longer needed to get it repacked and redressed, and could also get back in the swimming pool again.

I’d had the same nurse since I started going to my GP surgery for repacking and redressing, so she could track the progress. She was amazed at the difference Oxygen Therapy made, and was so impressed that she emailed Kent MS Therapy Centre to tell them.

Oxygen Therapy definitely sped up the healing process – it was almost like it tipped the balance of power in my body’s favour. I’m very grateful I found out about it, and always mention it if I meet others with the same problem.”

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