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Tonisha Leppard

Oxygen Therapy for healing and pain

A story of three generations. Twenty-year-old Tonisha Leppard is the third generation of her family to use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Therapy) at Kent MS Therapy Centre.  Tonisha has Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), meaning that she suffers pain in her face, neck and jaw that has, at times, prevented her from talking or even eating.  She also suffers from anxiety and finds that Oxygen Therapy has really helped her with both conditions.

“It’s amazing that Oxygen Therapy can help both physical and psychological symptoms so effectively” says Tonisha, “I always feel so much better after an Oxygen Therapy session”.

Pain Management – we’re so glad we tried Oxygen Therapy

Tonisha first heard about Oxygen Therapy thanks to her mum who was desperate to find treatments to help her father who was suffering with late stage Multiple Melanoma.  “Oxygen Therapy was really effective at relieving some of Grandad’s pain when the doctors had said there was nothing they could do for him. As it’s totally non-invasive, my mum thought there was nothing to lose by trying it, and we’re so glad we did – it helped Grandad get the most out of his final months”.

Promoting Healing

Five years ago Tonisha’s mother received a diagnosis of breast cancer which, thankfully, is now in remission.  She found Oxygen Therapy relieved the side effects of aggressive cancer treatment, promoting healing of nails, gums and skin damaged by chemo.  Tonisha and her mother noticed improvements from about the seventh dive, both in terms of her mum’s general state of health, but also her state of mind.  “I think there’s something about getting more oxygen to the brain,” comments Tonisha, “both mum and I have really felt the benefit of Oxygen Therapy”.  Tonisha’s mum goes weekly now and believes that Oxygen Therapy is helping to keep her cancer at bay; her daughter has certainly noticed how much healthier her mum is looking these days.

As for Tonisha, she has already completed ten ‘dives’ out of a planned 20. “I’ve upped the number from 16 because I’m finding Oxygen Therapy really helpful.  I really enjoy going there and relaxing.  Kent MS Therapy Centre is such a welcoming place – it never feels rushed and I always stop for a cuppa and a chat.”

“My first time in the Oxygen Therapy chamber was nerve-wracking, so mum came with me.  I was worried that it would feel very claustrophobic, but I very soon forgot my concerns and settled happily into the hour-long dive.  I look forward to my time in the Oxygen Therapy chamber now.  There’s no chance of getting bored as I always end up chatting with other people or just spend my time relaxing with a film or music.

“The worst bit? Like on a plane your ears pop as the pressure changes so you have to remember to clear them.  It can be a little uncomfortable at first, but it doesn’t last long”.  It’s non-invasive, there’s no pain… just a nice experience that leaves me feeling energised and chilled out at the same time (is that a contradiction?). I would really recommend it to anyone who needs help with healing and pain management.”

Sadly, Tonisha’s grandfather died in April this year, but her family were kind enough donate funds contributed by family and friends at her grandfather’s funeral in recognition of the help Oxygen Therapy gave him – thank you to everyone who made this substantial donation possible.

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