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Radiotherapy is a common treatment for cancer. Unfortunately, it does have side effects and one of those is that it can damage healthy tissue around the tumour site.

Radiation damages blood vessels, and the lack of blood supply can eventually cause wounds to form in soft tissue and bone.

According to Cancer Research, “Earlier studies have shown that high pressure oxygen treatment called hyperbaric oxygen (Oxygen Therapy) therapy may help these side effects.” Cancer Research now supporting a trial, HOT II, to find out if Oxygen Therapy can help with long-tem side effects of radiotherapy to the pelvis.

Macmillan Cancer Support has more information on Oxygen Therapy for radiotherapy side effects, here.

Find out more about Oxygen Therapy, how to access treatment and pricing.

Read a first-person story of Gwen, who was left with heavy rectal bleeding after radiotherapy for bladder cancer.

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