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Our chamber can help people who have suffered brain injury (traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury like stroke).

You may have seen news coverage regarding L/Bombardier Ben Parkinson, who sustained major injuries while serving as a paratrooper in Afghanistan in 2006. Since starting hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as part of his treatment plan in January 2015, Ben has been able to take his first steps on crutches, and there have also been improvements to his speech. Plus most recently, he’s appeared on TV taking part in a grueling mission to canoe down Canada’s Yukon River. His family credits Oxygen Therapy with playing a role in his recovery.

Although Oxygen Therapy cannot reverse brain injury, it is thought that a higher concentration of oxygen may be a way for damaged cells to receive nutrients that can help revitalise them. It may also play a part in reducing the inflammation caused by brain damage.

Professor Philip James is the UK’s leading Oxygen Therapy expert. He is our medical advisor and advised on Ben Parkinson’s treatment, too. Professor James has written a new book, Oxygen and the Brain, which he discusses in an interview in The Telegraph newspaper.

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