Oxygen Therapy for healing and pain

Catherines story. Caught up in a hijacking, at the age of 26 Catherine Hill’s life was changed forever in the most dramatic fashion. While on a trip with her then boyfriend, she found herself in the midst of a Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) plane hijacking. (more…)

Tonisha Leppard

Oxygen Therapy for healing and pain

A story of three generations. Twenty-year-old Tonisha Leppard is the third generation of her family to use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Therapy) at Kent MS Therapy Centre.  (more…)

Andrew Fenney

Oxygen Therapy for Osteoradionecrosis

It’s early days, but Andrew Fenney is already seeing results. For Kent-based Andrew Fenney, the owner of a flourishing landscape architecture and garden design company, (more…)

Oxygen Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Lizzie’s story. “I started Oxygen Therapy in March this year to help with Fibromyalgia. I was overjoyed to find somewhere in Kent that provides hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. (more…)

Oxygen Therapy for multiple sclerosis symptoms

Here, people living with multiple sclerosis talk about how hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Kent MS Therapy Centre helps them cope with daily symptoms. (more…)

Gwen Frost

Oxygen Therapy for radiotherapy tissue damage

Having battled bladder cancer, Gwen Frost, 71 from Canterbury, was looking forward to getting on with the rest of her life. But a side effect of her radiotherapy treatment left her bleeding heavily (more…)


Oxygen Therapy for fatigue

Tania Dineen-Parish, 47 from Folkestone, lives with a form of blood cancer, chronic lympocytic leukaemia. She suffers from debilitating fatigue, and believes weekly hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions have helped with much-needed energy as she battles her disease… (more…)

Oxygen Therapy for non-healing wounds

After an operation for bowel cancer, Sue Nyirenda, a 56-year-old photographer from Canterbury, was left with a long cavity on her abdomen that was taking a long time to heal. (more…)

Oxygen Therapy for migraine

Oxygen Therapy takes away my debilitating migraines. After a scuba diving holiday brought temporary relief from his agonising cluster migraines, Lee, 46 from Rochester, found a solution closer to home… (more…)

Tim Hanley

Oxygen Therapy for slow-healing fractures

When Tim Hanley, a 48-year-old fireman from Ashford, suffered a severe mid shaft fracture in his arm it didn’t seem to be healing. Keen to avoid surgery and also get back to work, he tried hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (more…)