Andrew Fenney

Oxygen Therapy for Osteoradionecrosis

It’s early days, but Andrew Fenney is already seeing results. For Kent-based Andrew Fenney, the owner of a flourishing landscape architecture and garden design company, discovering the Oxygen Therapy chamber at Kent MS Therapy Centre is, he thinks, a turning point in solving health issues that have plagued him for well over a year.

Andrew has been suffering with distressing and painful problems with his teeth and jaw – resulting in months of visits to his dentist, A&E, X-ray and consultants in Kent and London.

Finally Andrew was  diagnosed with Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) in his jaw – a shortage of blood supply to the bone which is a side-effect from a course of radiotherapy six years ago.  The lack of blood and oxygenation reduces the body’s ability to repair itself, paving the way for repeated infections and damage to his teeth.  The symptoms of ORN include chronic pain, loss of bone and tissue damage, ulceration and infections that can cause difficulties with speaking and eating.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an established treatment for maxillo-facial conditions and patients are frequently referred under the NHS for a course of Oxygen Therapy sessions to promote healing in problematic wounds or conditions such as ORN.

“Because of this condition, I have been on antibiotics constantly for over six months to stop the infection recurring.I am now into my second week of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment at the wonderful MS Centre in Canterbury. ,” explains Andrew.

“I’m so glad I found the Centre online. The team of people here is so helpful, warm and friendly. I am  hopeful that it will sort out the problem once and for all, but it has had a marvellous effect already, I can open my mouth more, my speech is better and eating is less of a problem.  All good news. “